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My Village…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry! I can’t really blame it all on “real life” (though that is a big part), I just haven’t really felt much like posting. I haven’t even uploaded all my Prague pictures, but those I did upload, you can enjoy by clicking on my homepage! I know some of the pictures Lowandslow will go crazy over! lol

So many events have taken place lately…. most good. During my vacation I had another lovely visit with my ex-sister-in-law as well as ex-mother-in-law.

This past weekend was filled with events. Last night my flying club celebrated their 60th anniversary. It was great seeing many of my old friends again, and they seemed really happy to see me again. I felt really welcomed and “at home”. My village is having a 4-day party and it included opening the bell tower of the church, which I of course took advantage of and would like to share the following pictures with you.

This is a view from the tower which shows my apartment building.It’s the top floor under that redish roof.

This picture gives a pretty good impression of the area I live in…..and as you see, we had GREAT weather today!

Here are a few pictures from the church and bell tower….

engraved in this bell is the word “Liebe”, or “Love”
there are three bells all together…. and they ring EVERY quarter hour! And sometimes for a full 5 minutes!
Inside the church from the organ balcony….
More pictures of the quaint little village I live in can be viewed here.

I hope you all enjoyed this view into my world…. and hopefully I’ll get back in the mood to blog more often again.



Photo Quiz

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything…. did anyone miss me??

Lots of stuff going on, as usual. But instead of a “normal” entry, how about a Photo Quiz? Here are two photos….. try to guess what they are. The second one is probably pretty easy but the first one is tricky. One hint on the first… it’s job related!

Nope, nothing to win… just have fun figuring it out. The answer I’ll post in a couple of days…

Number one:

Number two:


Sorry, but I haven’t felt like posting much recently… well actually, not for some time. I guess I’ve lost that blogging feeling!

Yes, once I was well known for my smilies… ah, those were the days!

Since my last post, my granddaughter, Shiana, celebrated her 4th birthday. Of course we had a party and, amazingly for April, great summer weather!

Shiana (4), Priyasha (2), and Emely (5)

Where does the time go? The kids are growing like weeds and getting cuter all the time.

As my facebook followers know, I’m now a tour guide in the town I now live in. I was one already back in the 80’s so I just have to up-date myself. It’s fun learning about the history. The town has quite a number of half-timbered houses which have been lovingly renovated. We have a church with a wood-carved altar shrine and a castle. Unfortunately we cannot at the moment enter the castle… it has been sold to some RUSSIANS who are renovating it for a hotel!! Needless to say, we are all curious about what they are up to and hope it will be good. They do have lots of regulations to observe so let’s hope for the best. In the summer you can hardly see the castle because of all the trees around it…. this pic I took recently…

And here’s an example of one of the houses…

Any of you interested in more pictures, just follow THIS LINK.

This weekend is the Easter Market in town and maybe I’ll have more pictures to share.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Beautiful Germany

Yesterday I once again taught a job-related class with over 30 pilots in attendance…. and received lots of applaus at the end! (amazing, considering I’m one of those feared “Feds” lol). This coming season will be my last before I retire, and next winter the last for classes, and it does feel a bit odd. Will I miss teaching these classes? maybe…. The weather was marvelous and on the drive home I made a stop to see a monument I didn’t even knew existed… I drove to the spot to catch a nice view over the Rhine River and found the monument with a small, rebuilt temple. There is still so much to see in my “home” country…. and believe me, I really do appreciate being able to live here. This is a view of the Rhine and the rebuilt “temple”…

These are some of the original pillar stones. The original temple got destroyed in WW II.

And this is a picture of the monument itself. It’s in the process of being renovated but is quite impressive….


P.S. considering my last entry didn’t get a single comment (and I thrive on comments!!) I may not post here anymore *snif*

Flying around….

Last Saturday, after dropping Tamara off at home (she had spent the night with me), I decided to stop by the local flying club. It’s the same club that I’m a member of since 1983 and where I first learned to fly. One of my buddies, Michael, was there and invited me along for a local roundtrip together with one of his friends. Since the weather was fantastic, I jumped at the opportunity.

This is a view just after take-off of the now empty American army base… it has been deserted for around 2 years now.

More and more wind farms are being set up everywhere, destroying the looks of our beautiful landscapes…(can you catch that I don’t like them? lol)

We flew over the Main and Neckar rivers, wanting to see how the flooding was. In the mean time the rivers are pretty much back to normal, as you can tell (this is the Main River near Miltenberg).

A view of one of the many castles/fortresses that are found all over the place….

The balloonists were taking advantage of the weather as well…

Today I won’t go to work until noon because I have a job thing to do during night time, which includes a flight (checking the night lighting at an airfield). The past days the weather was cloudy with some now melted snow, today looks promising.

On the weekend I think I finally get some much needed housework done…


Some weeks ago my ex (finally) gave me some cartridges of slides. He prefered slides over paper film but we rarily got to see them… such a hassle to set up a projector and screen! (P.S. I assume you all heard that Kodacrome film is no longer being made and/or developed? Go google it….). Anyway, since the older madel slide scanner he gave me wouldn’t work on my comp, I went and bought a newer one and finally started scanning the slides.

The quality is not as good as vieweing them on a screen, but at least I have managed to digitalize some of them finally. Among them are some awesomely cute pictures of my kids!

I think this is one of my new favs… me with my daughter, Regina, on Christmas 1977…

and my son, Carsten….

and Regina practicing to become a good mommy…

It’s almost hard to believe that they both now each have two children of their own!
Last night I attended an Irish Dance performance with my friend Kornelia, one of my dancers and now good friend. The two of us went on the Greek Island Cruise last May together and had a great time! We then went to her home, which is only a 3 minute drive from mine, to talk and watch fireworks (which are legal for private use only on New Years). So I got off to a very nice start in the New Year! 

Welcome 2011! May you bring joy and HAPPY surprises!


It was fun having Tamara spend the night. I think she enjoyed it, too. This was her comfy place for the night….

And I let her try on a dress of mine…. that I wore in 1959, as flower girl at a wedding…

and me in 1959…

And with the tree decorations, she made her own nativity set…