Another Journalspace refuge

Getting started….

So, I’m now starting yet another online journal. I’m either crazy, stupid, bored, or addicted…. or all of it combined. I have a journal at Journalspace already, since 3 years. I love it there!! So why am I starting one here?

To start with, too many of my JS friends have been jumping ship, all because sometimes things have been running slow lately. Plus they put up a new interface which some people are having trouble getting used to. So, some have come here…..

Hey, you can’t fight something if you know nothing about it, right?

I’m sure this place has it’s advantages. I’m sure there are things much simpler here. But so far I’m NOT impressed! I spent all morning trying to find my way here!

Anyway, we’ll see what happens… maybe I’ll stop over and see if something happens here, or maybe this little journal will just collect dust. We shall see……


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