Another Journalspace refuge

It’s short before Christmas, and journalspace decides to crash… BIG TIME! It seems that two, yes TWO harddrives have broken…. and now the powers that be need to see if the data can be saved.

I feel sorry for the admin(s)… I’m sure they would prefer to spend Christmas quietly, without such worries.

So, I have dug up this alternate place to see if I like it and to see if it’s a usable alternative. People complained when JS changed their interface because it seemed so difficult to navigate. Well, I’m having problems HERE finding my way around!

And I’m afraid the JS community feeling will just now be able to develope here. But, we shall see. I guess we just have to be patient…. *sigh*



Comments on: "What a way to end the year….." (14)

  1. I feel bad for them too and the timing couldn’t be worse. Glad you are here for the time being!! A

  2. akmarksman82 said:

    *waves hi* I’m still figuring out how to add people to my “favorites” or “friends”..

  3. I you can find and save friends with “Blog Surfer” feature on your dashboard (top right area) but really I have just been finding you guys and saving you to my “bookmarks” in firefox under a folder entitled blogs.

  4. hi Akmarksman aka Alaskanwarrior,

    it took me a while to figure it out, but go to the “link” and add the url’s manually. You can add categories like I did on the right (JS friends).

    But I still appreciate JS more and more……

  5. greeneyes67 said:

    Hi Dorrie

    I’m not creating a new blog but wanted to say Merry Christmas! I’m sorry your card didn’t get to you, it was sent back insufficient address. I re-sent it with Fin’s help 🙂

    Hope you have a great Sunday. I won’t be leaving JS unless I lose everything, then maybe.

    Love ~Greeneyes

  6. truckersjournal said:

    Hi Dorrie!
    Yeah, of all times for something like this to happen, it has to be at Christmas.
    I mean, unless JS says something different, I’m assuming it to come back up – in some form or another.

  7. Good to see you again.

  8. Hi Westy. I cannot figure this site out. I miss JS, plus someone already has my name here.

  9. I’m so glad to see so many of you stopping by my “new”, yet hopefully not permanet cyber home.

    Burstmode, so good to see you around… I was getting worried.

  10. lowandslow1 said:

    Thanks for being here, Westy. I’ll just have to chill until JS is back. Take care.


  11. Hi Westy, thanks again for providing a haven for the Jspace refugees. Bangar(rr)

  12. maggsworld said:

    I am just building here as well as there and se I have a whole new system to learn – will keep me nimble mentally ( I suppose). But great to see so many so driven to communicate. Like me. I want to say thank you Dorrie for the refuge you have provided to us all. I have rarely come across the sense of community and closeness found at js. None of us want to lose that. I suppose we now have an opportunity to propogate this. I will retun to js should they get us back and running, but I will maintain this place also.

  13. sfmurphy1971 said:

    Community is where you build it. We’ve already got a community (a number of them within Journalspace) and thus I see no reason why those relationships wouldn’t continue here.

    We didn’t move geographically. We just changed providers.

    Really blows because I was at 135K hits on my Jspace blog. Sigh.

    On the Outer Marches

  14. Murph, I was 10 hits, TEN! hits away from 100,000 before the crash… I was going to make a big celebration about it! *snif*

    Without our homepage and the friends and favs lists as in JS, it’s just not the same. 😦

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