Another Journalspace refuge

This place is not that easy to get used to, and there are JS features I dearly miss….. like the HOMEPAGE with the recent comments. But I guess it’s better then nothing at all….

I won’t attempt to add pictures yet. The most recent ones I took are still in the camera. My daughter, Regina, just left after spending the night with me. She needed some “free” time to pack her kids presents without them hanging around all the time! lol

Early this morning my son, Carsten, brought his 18 month old daughter, Shiana, over to my place. He was on his way to work so it was only a small detour. After Regina, Shiana, and I had breakfast, we packed up Shiana once more and Regina has now driven home, taking Shiana with her. The poor kid will then be dropped off to my ex’s place where her Grandpa, Regina and Carsten’s dad, together with their half-sister Kimberly, will watch over her until her dad can come home from work. You see, her mom, Karen, is in her 7th month of pregnancy and her doc has told her to REST! How can you rest with a 18th month old baby around? Since I’m just getting over a cold, he didn’t want her left with me. That’s ok, I have last minute shopping to do anyway.

Sound all complicated? I bet it does……

Maybe it’s good that JS is down… no layouts to design, no journals to visit … 

Well, it looks like I’ll be able to continue adding smilies! lol

See y’all later!

Dorrie aka Westy


Comments on: "Learning about this place, and other “drama”" (15)

  1. lowandslow1 said:

    Yep, young uns take a lot of watchin’. On the one hand I wish my 2 grandsons in San Antonio were a little closer, but then I think of the possibility of babysitting them! Eeeek!

    Merry Christmas, Dorrie. Enjoy your visit back home. 🙂


  2. truckersjournal said:

    Well, I kinda like on WordPress that you can actually see what those on your links have updated without even going to their site.
    I don’t seem to see anything that shows recent visitors – but then again, I don’t think many blog sites besides JS have that kind of feature.
    I haven’t tried pics yet, either, and I have some to post : |
    Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do for everyone!

  3. I have a house full of kids today…I don’t know how anyone can get anything done.

  4. likeisaid2 said:

    Hi Westy, I found you. I went to your blogger journal and that wasn’t where you are. I forgot your name but when I got to Scott’s journal I saw it and here I am.
    I like this place but not that much, lol. I can’t figure out how to do anything and like you said, the prices are terrible for pro. I won’t do it. I’m just praying that JS comes back, even if we have to start over (oh no!) it will be worth it just to have it back. Please tell Dylan how much we miss it.
    Big hugs!

  5. thank you all for the comments!

    Glad you found me, Betty. I think that, if we have to stay here our layout designing days are over *snif*

    The day went pretty well.. I would write an entry about it all (with pictures) but it just doesn’t feel right here …. yet. Let’s wait up what the next days bring…… (hopefully a restored JS)

  6. i am getting used to this place a bit – Scott is hanging in there but on the verge of a mutiny I fear

  7. maggsworld said:

    Blogroll is the recent friends entries in this world, and although this is not something I am yet used to, I am enjoying the learning about this and being able to pot and be in touch with some of my favorites and friends. Some haven’t transitioned and are patiently waiting but I am compelled to write and so need my outlet. :). I so relate to housefulls of young. AND the work involved even though I have Geni and Leonnie to help. Maggs

  8. baysidelady said:

    Hey Westy!! I finally got around to playing awhile in here. Have been way busy!

    I got some more of you linked up.

    Nice to be able to comment to our friends here 🙂

    You could always design a layout and submit it to the WP people, just a thought 😉

    The only thing I don’t like is that Windowws Security keeps on bleeping a box every page in my dashboard when I do anything! Grrr, lol.

    Oh ~ Thankyou for your forum, it’s super fast ! Nice of you to host your own place for us JS’er’s.

    Big Hugs,

  9. On my blog, I have a blog list, and it tells me who updated and when, no matter if it’s a blogspot or wordpress. Very cool. I have posted photos on both, and blogspot is way easier. WordPress won’t accept HTML, and imageshack doesn’t like direct links to their hosting service.

  10. Let’s cross our fingers for JSpace. Once again thanks for providing a haven for us all when JS does it’s thing.

  11. thanks all for commenting.

    I received a message from Dylan (the JS guru) and I’m waiting for his permission to pass it on to y’all in my forum. There’s still hope the data will be saved…. that would be a GREAT cyber Christmas present.

  12. hey Dorrie, how does one add a profile picture instead of the designed sqaure that come as a default?

  13. hi Maggs!

    heehee I had to check again where… I’m also new here. Go to your “account” link at the top next to “Dashboard”, then to edit Profile. They call them “Gravatars” here … it was trial and error for me, too.

    Oh, and somewhere, I forgot where, there’s a place for doing settings. You check little boxes. One of them was the choice of using blank boxes for the profile photos for those without one or WordPress “gravatars” (those fancy colored thingy’s).

    Have fun!

  14. Give it time. Before you know it, you’ll have this blog in full swing. But I am not here to sway you to leave JS since I know how special JS is to everyone. It’s always good to have Plan B in all that way do. Summerwind

  15. Hey! Nice to see you…missing JS but this place is not too bad now is it?

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