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Here in Germany Christmas Eve is celebrated bigger then Christmas day. Often the tree isn’t set up until the afternoon of the 24th. The children aren’t allowed to see it until it’s finished, then it’s presented with great ceremony. I refused to keep that tradition and always had my tree up by the 15th…. I prefer to have more time to decorate and to enjoy it longer. This year I didn’t put up a tree at all since I’m leaving for San Diego, California on January 1.

In the evening of the 24th the family gathers, all dressed up,  for a festive meal, accompanied by singing carols and then opening presents.

December 25th AND 26th are both holidays. Since all the presents are opened, and the big meal already finished,those days aren’t anything special anymore, so what are they for?

Visiting! Those two days are usually fully booked with visiting relatives or being visited.

So, I’m soon to be off to visit my son, Carsten, and bring the festive meal with me since his wife, Karen, isn’t doing so well. We’re having roast, together with a German specialty “Spätzle” and potatoes or rice, red cabbage, salad, fruit salad, and garlic bread.

Tomorrow around noon I’ll be visiting my daughter, Regina, and her family. No big meal, but coffee time, which is usually around 16:00 (4:00 pm), will be a bit fancier then on normal days.

The rest of the holidays I’ll probably spend at home while Regina visits her brother on one day and her dad on another. When exactly Carsten visits his dad I’m not sure. But anyway, at one time or another everyone gets visited.

It’s getting late and I have to do the last touches to the meal. I’ll be back… unless, of course, journalspace should suddenly work again! lol



Comments on: "Christmas Eve, time for an entry" (6)

  1. lowandslow1 said:

    Thanks for sharing the German way of Christmas. Very interesting. Sorry to hear Karen still isn’t doing well. I hope she gets her rest and all goes well for her. Enjoy your holiday with your family, and think of your JS family here, too, OK? 🙂


  2. Sounds like a busy time – have fun!

  3. I so relate. We also have Christmas Day and Boxing Day a public holidays and it is all about family. Happy Christmas Dorrie. Maggs

  4. Boxing Day has only been a stautory holiday for 4 or 5 years, but I have always had it off and been paid for it. Lots of retail outlets will still be open tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas, Dorrie.
    Doug/netmale/cage liner AND dougshots 🙂

  5. Merry Christmas Dorrie!

  6. truckersjournal said:

    Yummy – that meal sounds delish.
    I’ll be right over for a helping…….

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