Another Journalspace refuge

Well, now my forum and homepage are down, too. I thought at first it was because of Wheelie messing around with some better security features on the forum to keep all those fakes from being able to sign in. But it seems to be his server.

So, how to inform everyone? There isn’t any way except via facebook or my other journals, like here. This came without warning. Wheelie is trying to reset the server and it should work…. I sure hope it does!!

Now, my “operation” is not a big one, but still…. shit happens! That’s why I got a bit cranky about some of the complaining that was going on. But then, unless you work with this stuff, you tend to take lots for granted.

I’m not writing much… yet. I didn’t even take too many pictures this Christmas. Somehow, this whole last year is one I’d like to forget…. sorry, long story.

Well, it’s lunch time and I may want to drive to town later. It’s cold outside, 0°C with a strong wind. brrrrrr (see, even my smilies depend on the server working, so no smilies today).

Let’s hope Wheelie successfully gets the server back up…. and that JS gets back up and running soon.

Have agreat weekend everyone.


P.S. SERVER is BACK! My forum works again… Phew!


Comments on: "When it rains, it pous… also in the cyber world" (5)

  1. Well, THAT was close huh? Yay for Wheelie for working some computer magic!

  2. Guess I didn’t miss much with this entry, eh? Have a good one, Westy!

  3. truckersjournal said:

    Well I”m glad I missed THAT!
    You know, everytime I get on the internet, I automatically click on the link to my JS account without thinking. Crazy, huh? I’m hoping that anytime now, I click on it and my journal actually appears!

  4. The forum continues to work and the fakes have been STOPPED! yay!

    Wheelie has been playing around on an updated forum version. I refuse to let him transfer it to MY forum until JS gets back and a crash of my forum may not be toooooo much of a desaster. We all know what damage up-dates can cause…..

  5. There is something to be said about these large blogging sites. How much money do you think JS needs to be one of them?

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