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Well, at least for two more days I have to “visit” the office. Then it’s New Year’s Eve and the office is closed. And on Thursday I fly “home” to San Diego!! yoooo hooooo

Today I brought my cat, Shila, to my daughter’s home. Shila was originally hers, and I was only to “adopt” her for a few weeks. Those weeks turned into 3 years yet with the promise that she takes care of her whenever I travel. Shila was a good girl during the 45 minute drive and felt right at home once we got there. I stayed there long enough to have dinner and get my hair freshly colored…. there was way too much grey showing! lol

Weather has been beautiful the past two days with not a cloud in the sky, but with temps around 0°C (32° F). Add to that the strong winds we were having and you get a pretty cold chill factor…. no fun for going for walks.

My son’s family is all down with a virus so he had called for some support. Unfortunately I couldn’t be in two places at once. He did go with Karen to the doc to get some medication. Karen’s mom is flying in from India some time soon, plus an aquaintance is driving up from Heidelberg to help out for a few days.

In some ways I feel quilty about not being able to help out. On the other hand, there is soooo much going on every where… *sigh*  (plus other issues I won’t mention here).

Now, with Shila gone, I can finally get my suitcase packed. She has a tendency to jump in and get her fur all over everything. I won’t be taking much with me…. it’s only two weeks after all. I think I’ll even stick with just one suitcase since the days are over that I bought lots of stuff in the States to bring back with me. There is little I can’t get here and prices are no longer that much different.

In case you wonder where I got my layout from, since it’s not among the “free” ones offered…. it shows how long this journal has been sitting around! I picked this layout when I first started and it was a free one offered at the time. I guess I’ll stick with it since it’s “different”. lol

My forum is still getting lots of action from JS refugees. We almost had our own crash yesterday but luckily got it fixed. My computer guru, Wheelie, found an up-date that keeps those fakes from being able to sign-up! Yooooo hoooooo!

Enough rambling for today. I am trying to keep up on people but it’s not easy being that you guys are spread over so many different blog sites. Oh, well….

Have  a good week everyone!

Dorrie aka WildWesty! heehee

P.S. just as I went to publish this, the site froze up! So much for dependability … ahem.


Comments on: "Xmas over, Weekend over, Workweek begins…." (6)

  1. Too much grey showing? I wish I could lose the rest of the brown so my hair would be grey all over.

    Our weather is very similar but a bit warmer at the moment, 5°C but will drop to 1C by tonight. It’s very windy here, too.

    I started a blog at Livejournal, but I don’t see where their “community” is. If it’s theme based, they can keep it.

    Have a good Monday/Tuesday, Dorrie. I’m sure you’ll pop in here before your trip 🙂

  2. truckersjournal said:

    Exciting – another long series of flights! Hope everything goes smoothly in that.
    I guess all sites have their problems – just that a site going down and disappearing for so long is rather unusual, I would think most people would agree.
    It’s always good to have peace-of-mind that your animal/s are being taken care of. I’m a little skittish on going to my dad’s this week for 2 days cause’ even though I have people to take care of them – I tend to worry.

  3. …and I lost a post yesterday, so some of the appetite of js to swallow posts does exist here, too. But it is up!!! I am glad the preparations are going well for your flight and I am sorry to hear everyone is not well. Please try and stay well and survive those two days at work!!! Maggs

  4. ah well…at least you got your words out here. Hope your son’s family is well soon.

  5. thanks guys! I have to get ready for work now… after so many free days it’s kind of odd. Luckily most of the “jerks” at work are off so it’ll be quiet.

    See ya all around!

  6. lowandslow1 said:

    Don’t you pick up one of those nasty virus bugs before you start your vacation. While you’re in the States why don’t you go and straighten out JS? Please? 😉


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