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After many free days, then working today, I know have VACATION until January 18th! *happy dance*

Normally I would have had to work tomorrow, too. But “the Jerk” will be in the office, as well as another guy who was also there today, so no need for me to show up. And since I had some vacation days left over from this year, I decided to sacrifice one of them.

Besides, I have no interest in seeing “the Jerk” again this year! Only 3 more months of his nonsense, then he goes into retirement! *happy dance again*

Tomorrow I’ll start checking my clothes to see what I want to pack, what needs to be washed, etc. etc.

It’s odd… I’ve been traveling this route, Germany-California-Germany, for over 36 years now, yet I still get nervous and excited. Of course, there’s always the worry of making my connecting flights. This time I’m traveling with Lufthansa to Washington-Dulles, then on with United. The transfer times are VERY short.

I haven’t flown with Lufthansa since… hmmmm, 1992? I’ll never forget my first regular flight without flying stand-by! You see, I was once married to a Lufthansa pilot, so we got cheaper flights, but always on stand-by bases, i.e., you only got on board if there were seats still available when the flight was scheduled to leave. Try doing that with two little monsters kids in tow.

So perhaps my nervousness is a hangover from back then.

Now I’m wasting time watching TV, and trying out various blog sites. *sigh* I want my JS back……. *snif*



Comments on: "Vacation!!!!" (5)

  1. I can feel your excitement from here and it is wonderful knowing the jerk is retiring in 3 months. Have a safe trip and see you out the other end. Maggs

  2. My nervousness would have nothing to do with connecting flights, just the flight itself 🙂
    It’s good that you can spend some quality “no-jerk” time and shorten the time left that you have to deal with him 🙂

  3. Happy Journey! yay! no more jerk for a bit1

  4. lowandslow1 said:

    Traveling standby can be unnerving for sure. And those connections scare the bejeebers out of me. Still, it’s time with your family and away from “the jerk”, so it’s all good. 🙂


  5. Have a great trip.
    And happy new year.

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