Another Journalspace refuge

JS is gone… forever!

I could CRY!! So we must start the new year without our beloved journalspace community.

I think I have made my decision of where I’ll continue blogging… if I do. I’ll stick to blogger and have a new “home” there:

It’s easy to use and I can once again play around with layouts. At the moment I have enough pressing matters…. this time tomorrow I’ll be sitting in a big 747 on my way to the States.

Happy New Year everyone!!! {{{hugs}}}



Comments on: "JS is gone… forever!" (12)

  1. tammyfromjs said:

    Hi Dorrie!
    Yep, it really sucks not to have JS. I hope you enjoy your stay here.

  2. Big Hug!

    Happy new year.

  3. I am starting a blog at wordpress. It is not the same as JS.

  4. lowandslow1 said:

    Have a great vacation, Dorrie, and a happy new year. 🙂


  5. dougshots said:

    Happy New Year, and have a great trip, Dorrie!

  6. karada007 said:

    I just want to drink the big glass of Merlot and pretend Ruby slippers will get me home but I think Dorothy lost the JS map in that poppy field 😉 Damn those flying Monkeys they do give a girl weird dreams…

    Happy New Year!

  7. i miss js. glad to find former journalspace members here.

  8. greeneyes67 said:

    I’m here too Dorrie. I think I’m going to Livejournal too. I can’t figure this place out..

  9. paulboylan said:

    I am all over the place now – here, livejournal, blogspot. But none of them appeal to my sense of humor yet.

    We must be patient. The world hasn’t ended. There are still plenty of stupid people to make fun of. Yes! That is what we need to concentrate on! Focus, people! There is still plenty to ridicule using big words!

    I feel better already. But I feel even better when I find y’all – and I am finding more and more of you every day.

    Everyone except General Wolf seems happy about it.

    Well, and to be fair, Karada and BecomingKate have asked me to stop sending them intimate photos.

    But overall, it has been a reasonably good experience being part of the JS diaspora.

  10. wildwesty said:

    thanks for the comments!

    I’ve arrived in San Diego and don’t have the possibility to follow up on all my (trial) blogs and all the journals/blogs of my friends (laptop problems and a dad who wants to use HIS computer himself! heehee).

    I think my new home will be blogger/blogspot mentioned above. GE, join us there.. it’s very user friendly.

  11. Here you are again! Which blog will you be using my beautiful lady?
    Hugs, JEnn

  12. wildwesty said:

    I have decided… I’ll stick with the blogger one … it’s easier to navigate and perhaps do layouts again. This journal-hopping is getting too strenuous lol

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