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Back to cyber business…

My laptop is working properly again, well almost, so I can finally do some “serious” blogging business and start catching up on people. My wireless is down, but with a cable I can connect to the cyber world.

As already mentioned, my main choice for blogging will be at blogger/blogspot.  It is much easier to navigate around it and many JS’ers have already made it their home. But I have decided to keep this place as well, for “special” entries.

As  many of you know, my whole family read my old JS blog and a number of them had blogs of their own, including my daughter, my dad, my older brother and his son, plus my son and other people I know in real life read there regularly. That made it impossible to write about “private” matters.

So I have decided to use this place for those types of entries. If you want the more “fun stuff”, then you’ll have to go to blogger… sorry ’bout that… *wink*

Dorrie, Westy, whatever …


Comments on: "Back to cyber business…" (4)

  1. burstmode said:

    I am sorry for your choice. I found blogspot more complicated and less photo-friendly. But its good to read you wherever, Dorrie, Westy, whatever…

  2. karada007 said:

    Both sites have their pros and cons but I like the fact private is FREE baby! I like free

  3. wildwesty said:

    thanks guys! I’ll keep this place around, as I mentioned, but the real news about me is over at blogger…. I’m done with multi-tasking (almost)…..

  4. maggsworld said:

    I can’t say thank you enough for the glue you provided when js detonated. If I had an award to give, you would be top of my list!!! I will visit and read you wherever I find you. maggs.

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