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Emotional rollarcoaster

I need to rant! Today I’m in a bad mood. The reasons are many.

But I think it’s mostly the emotional rollar coaster that’s catching up to me.  The last entry only showed a part of what goes on.  I want to clean things up, get rid of junk (they have at least 20 different hair conditioners in the bath as well as body lotions…. all partly used or never used). I did a bit of cleaning, saving all of that, and my dad still got on my back. Not to mention my mom making snide comments (which she of course doesn’t mean).

If I leave the house, I have to lock the gate from the outside, making it impossible for my dad to go off shopping. If  he lets me out, then he has to lock the gate from the inside… locking me out.

Yesterday I drove with John (Juanderlust) to the desert. To get there we had to drive over the mountains. On the way I started feeling sick. At one point I had to ask him to pull over. I NEVER get car sick!  So I think it’s nerves…. who knows.

The report about the trip I’ll put in my blogspot journal later.

I was going to write about some other stuff to do with my parents but I won’t…. I can’t be sure who might happen to read here.

Well, time for lunch. Tomorrow I meet up with Kashew, another JS’er. She and I grew up on this same street, only we didn’t know each other at the time! lol We’ve become pretty good friends over the past 3 years and we met via JS!!

I am thankful for so many things because of JS… I’m really missing it.


Comments on: "Emotional rollarcoaster" (3)

  1. burstmode said:

    It is a sad thing…with my parents, I try and go with the flow

  2. maggsworld said:

    it is sad that we are not free to make everything simpler and easier for them and that this stress is adding so much disharmony and taking away your equanimity. Vent all you like. message me. !! I so understand. maggs

  3. truckersjournal said:

    That’s a hard situation to be dealing with. That and trying to do the Dorrie’s forum and apparently keeping up with journals. Getting carsick when you never get carsick isn’t a good sign. Perhaps time to think about putting some things on the side burner and deal with the stuff that is directly in front of you – which would be your parents. Of course, journalling is great fun and for me, a stress reliever – I just don’t know if that’s true for everyone.
    More hugs : )

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