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agressions and sweetness

My dad is losing his patience with mom more and more. Sometimes they yell at each other. I tried to mediate with dad, calm him down, but then he yells at me. He can’t put up with all this much longer, that’s for sure. Especially since he’s in pain, from problems with his spine.

Yesterday, while dad went for his nap, mom grabbed her purse and walked outside toward the gate. There’s a padlock on it so she can’t get out. I stood behind her and watched as she tried to look over the gate. I could tell she was trying to figure out her predicament. I stayed back, just watching…. keeping out of her sight.

She returned to the house and asked me for a clean white piece of paper. I pulled one from the printer, then showed her where pens and pencils were. She grabbed a felt pen and started writing a note on the paper. She then took the note into the bedroom. I told her dad was sleeping, but she ignored me. She looked down on him, then turned and tried putting the note on the bedpost. She asked me for some tape. Dad woke, wondering what the h… was going on. He couldn’t read the note because he didn’t have his glasses on. I tried reading it to him, but he wanted to read it himself.

The note was sad, yet sweet. Here’s part of it: “my brain is going… but you know how to fix it over! I forgive you this time!”

It shows she KNOWS, at least some of the time!

This was taken of her and her little friend just after her “walk”.  She’s holding on to her purse and two packages/treasures  (candies she had been given) tightly.


Sometimes fate works in weird ways. On my last trip here last September I got to meet up with the sister of my former best friend in school, Linda. Her sister, my friend Terry, had died one year before. Terry  had been my brides maid at my wedding… we did so much together back then. On this trip I had thought of contacting Linda again, then decided against it since my trip is so short and I had/ have so much other things to do.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the local mall to get a telephone number from the sister of my older brother’s wife’s sister, Brenda, who happens to do caretaking.

I walked out the doors to the mall and held the door open for the two ladies who followed me out. It was Linda and her daughter! We talked a bit and I admitted to her that I had thought of calling her.

It’s almost spooky…

I could have gotten the phone number by calling Brenda’s sister, Karin, instead of going personally to see her at the shop she owns at the mall. I hadn’t intended to go to the mall at that time, but I did. And of all people to be leaving the mall at the exact same time as me was Linda! And here I am, just visiting from half across the world.

This is not the first such “small world” event I have experienced. I’m not very religious, but it sure is weird….


Comments on: "agressions and sweetness" (4)

  1. Sympathies to you and especially your Dad. I went through this and it ain’t easy. And it doesn’t get better.

    Lucky ones can afford in-home care, often live-in. In my Mom’s case, there was an absolutely splendid facility about three minutes drive from Dad. It was probably, almost literally, a lifesaver for both of them.

  2. maggsworld said:

    This must be so hard for you to witness, for your dad to have to cope with and for your mum. This is so sad. Maggs

  3. This makes me sad to read, Dorrie. I wish your parents had more help.

    It is a small world, you just have to travel thousands of miles to discover that 🙂

  4. burstmode said:

    There is nothing to say but I am sorry you all are going through this.

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