Another Journalspace refuge

journalspace is back…maybe

Well, is back, but it resembles WordPress a LOT! I’m sure the owners will make LOTS of changes in the next days. I know from my own experience how much work is involved.

I’m not that thrilled with WordPress, but beggars can’t be chosers. We just have to be patient…. which is difficult at times.

My folks are having a very bad day today…. they keep argueing with each other. And dad just talks back to her instead of humoring her. His nerves are on edge. But they have a doc appoinment this afternoon with a psychologist…. we’ll wait and see what happens. Thanks for the comments in the last entry…. I really appreciate them.

So, now to go back and explore the “new” journalspace some more. Tons of members are already busy signing up there.


Comments on: "journalspace is back…maybe" (3)

  1. maggsworld said:

    I have heard rumours JS is back but could not access the site myself. yet. I suspectI will persist here. Maggs

  2. That makes five new sites I’ve set up in ten days. I can’t even find some of ’em.

    Will be interesting to hear what the psychologist says.

  3. wildwesty said:

    there’s still a LOT of tweeking to do…..

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