Another Journalspace refuge

It seems hardly anyone reads this journal. But even though I don’t like the WordPress format, I’ll use this place occassionally. I just hope some of you find your way here.

I started work again today. Luckily the “Jerk” wasn’t there most of the time. I don’t know where he was, but he came late then went directly to the noon break. We’re allowed 30 minutes but he does up to 60 or more! Oh, well, come March and he’s gone!

Leaving my mom last Thursday it was very difficult. I gave her a big hug before I left, but she thought I was just a guest leaving…. she wanted to give me my own address… ” I have Dorrie’s address somewhere.”  Every time I thought of that, and the fact that I may never see her again, made the tears flow. Luckily catching the flight and reading a book distracted me.

I had picked up the book “The Wednesday Letter’s”, recommended by Smartplants for the book club she had started to organise at the old JS. It was good. In one part I had to think about our little JS community. Friends and family were gathering together because of the death of a beloved couple. They lived in a small town, where everyone knew everyone. It made my heart ache to think of what has happened to our beloved JS community. The new JS just CAN’T compare! Besides, the site only has the name and attracts us oldies there from it’s name…. but not the format. I’m not whining about it (much), but it’s just not the same or even near the same. I’ll still give the url owners a chance.

I have my dance classes again this week. For my Wednesday class I still have my lists to make. Ah, the joys of procrastination! lol There are a few of you out there in cyberland that have a lot more issues then I do. I’m glad we do have these various sites so that we can keep up with each other.

{{{hugs}}} to all of you!

Wild Westy aka Dorrie


Comments on: "This and that… reflections on lots of stuff" (7)

  1. Glad you are safely back in Germany. Understand about leaving parents for last time. Done that twice now. And I would counsel you same as you did everyone else to simply be patient and see if JS morphs any more toward what we were all used to.

  2. burstmode said:

    I will read you here. It is easy to keep track of you. Big huge hug…

  3. maggsworld said:

    Me too. I will read you here and comment. *s*. I ache when i read about your mum and how difficult it has been yet the daughter in me is glad you went for her sake and for your dad. And I am glad the “jerk” wasn;t too evident. Maggs

  4. thank you, all 3 of you. {hugs}

    This will probably stay my “whining” journal lol

  5. maggsworld said:

    With us you may whine ALL you like anytime. Maggs

  6. I’ll read here and Blogger. I have accounts all over, and I track everything but JS on my Blogspot blog.

    I know it was hard for you to leave your parents behind, Dorrie. Your posts about them were heartbreaking.

  7. wildstorm said:

    Hi Westy. I look for you here more than anywhere else although I know you are at the new JS.

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