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Latest Mom Update

Today I finally got an email from my dad. My mom’s memory is getting worse and worse but they still haven’t made the decision about a home. They did check out one that is located not too far from where they live. Also, my sister-in-law’s sister is stopping by regularly and helping my mom with “girl stuff”.

But I noticed in my dad’s email that he’s slipping… he repeated himself and told me things I have long known, like the fact that the gate has a padlock on it.

Oh, well… nothing I can do about it… life goes on.

I don’t post much here… this is only for my “sad” entries. For my normal entries, PLEASE visit me at, that’s where you can fine me. I’m about to give up on the new JS…. too many glitches, too many people disappearing, and too many spam comments and journals showing up. No, I’m not deleting there yet….

The last days have been quite busy at work. I can’t visit the new JS or WordPress or blogspot from the office pc as I used to be able to visit JS. On top of that, I’ve been having long discussions with my daughter. She’s on the verge of leaving her hubby… she even found a new apartment. But the kids keep her from taking that final step…. it’s so difficult, as I well know. *sigh*

Any day now my 4th granddaughter will arrive. My son, Carsten’s, second daughter is due on February 10, but could come any day.

Life is NOT boring, that’s for sure!



Comments on: "Latest Mom Update" (3)

  1. maggsworld said:

    I ached inside when I read this as I so understand. My mum also tells me the same stories and facts many times over, but I am just so glad I still have her. I am so, so sorry about your mum and hope they find somewhere suitable and nearby for her soon to give your dad a bit of a breather too. , too, am most distressed with js. The spam I am getting is horrible ( that is when I can post ), so you will find me largely on wordpress a I am comfy there. I never want to lose you gerlie. Maggs

  2. One piece of free advice which I hope you will very much take to heart. Do NOT, ever, under any circumstances that I can think of, bother to tell your Dad that he is repeating himself.

    NO good ever will come of it. He will never thank you or be happy for having it pointed out to him.

  3. wildwesty said:

    Thanks Maggs… it’s hard to write about it all.
    I just wrote an entry about the spam at the new JS… for me, that site is dead, but I won’t delete.

    no fin, I haven’t told him that. I realise that he is probably suffering as much as she is… if not more. He suffers pain in his back, his legs… he is no longer able to do a lot. But he also argues with her, tries to tell her the “real” truth.. he has no more patience. While there, I tried to calm him… but without hinting about his own situation. I played along with her… “go with the flow” as Bursti said… but he didn’t… he can’t. I thanked him for the news, no more….

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