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A Grandma has to brag!

Seek and you shall receive! I have pictures to share of my one day old granddaughter!

Big sister Shiana is not sure yet about this new doll that MOVES!

Here are all the ladies together… Karens’s mom, Karen,Shiana, me, and the new addition…

Oh, yeh… her name:  Priyasha Fiona

And a head full of hair, just like Shiana had as a baby….

I’m sure there will be more pictures in days to come…. *wink*


P.S.  as mentioned before, I won’t be updating here much… I’ll do most of my updating at

P.P.S. my mom has now been placed in a care home…. her Alzheimer got too bad ….


Comments on: "A Grandma has to brag!" (5)

  1. masterharper said:

    You are such a nice granny
    Pastor Larry

  2. I am sorry about your mom but from your prior posts…it needed to happen.

    As to the baby…is it possible to look at baby photos and not smile or feel your heart fill with joy?

  3. maggsworld said:

    I am soooooo sorry to read about your mom and I know what a mixed blessing/grief this is. I hope your dad can find some peace now as well. Priya means love in hindi…and this grandbaby brings love with her. Congratulations! Tess is due as well any day now… Maggs

  4. Thanks everyone… yes, with my mom it’s both a blessing yet also sad.

    Maggs… my son says it means “dear one”, but I guess it doesn’t really matter…. she’s adorable!!

  5. Congrats on the new baby. Precious!

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