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Those Crazy Germans

I decided to copy this post here from my blogger journal… enjoy!

Finally, carnival, or Fasching as it’s called here, is over! Yesterday, as planned, I joined my daughter and her kids to watch their local parade. It was colorful as always with lots of clever costumes. Also, this made me think of Summerwind ….

These were my favorite costumes and I believe they won first prize…

Here’s Regina and our gang…

Tamara was dressed as an Indian…

and Emely, together with a friend, wore marching girl costumes which I made about 25 years ago!

and I was dressed as a Chinese gal, here I’m dancing with Regina’s hubby, Frank.

Speaking of dancing…. the Germans go CRAZY on carnival, with lots of dancing and drinking, as mentioned in my previous entry. To give you an impression…. here’s a small film I made showing a typical way they party. Btw., one of those green “frogs” is Frank’s mom!

ooops, video isn’t loading. You can watch it and see more pictures here.



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    not a single comment on this journal so I guess I won’t post here any more….. *snif*

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