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Frankfurt Impressions

After my meeting yesterday I wanted to take advantage of the fantastic spring weather so, with camera ready, I walked toward the main downtown area. On the way I ran into a few “dubious” characters like this guy….

The contrast of old and new is always fascinating…

But my main aim was the new shopping mall called “My Zeil”. Yes, more and more English is being adopted, much to the disgruntlement of many Germans and I must admit, I have to agree with them. “Zeil”, pronounced “sile” (think for German, “when 2 vowels go walking, the SECOND does the talking”), is the name of the walking street where the mall is located.

The architecture is VERY futuristic. The shops inside didn’t interest me at all… nothing special there. I don’t expect the place to be a hit in the long run. Anyway, while going up and down the escalators, I had to think of Doug and how he’d go crazy finding photo motives there. Inspired from his style, I attempted a few myself and I think they turned out pretty well… if I do say so myself.

Notice the spire of the cathedral showing through the lower right corner of the window?

Another view…

Looking down the middle ….

I then hopped on the train for home… I had started rearranging my bedroom and I needed to finish before leaving for dance class.

Today the weather is again fantastic and I think I’ll give my balcony a much needed wash down!



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  1. polarbear169 said:

    I’ve been contemplating a trip to Germany next summer for the passion play in Oberammergau (contemplating for about 15 years I might add), and Frankfurt is the first city I have on my proposed itinerary. Looks like a great place to take some photographs!

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