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Last Entry Here

OK, I gave this place another chance, but I not only didn’t get one single comment on my last entry, which I think had some pretty cool pictures, but I don’t think I even got any visitors. So, I’ll now leave this place to collect dust.

Anyone still interested in still finding me knows how….
……a site with the basic wordpress/JS2 format, but being run by a former JS’er who actually responds, to suggestions, comments, ideas, etc. and welcomes them! He’s adding more and more features, including stats, customizing our own layouts, etc. Come over and try it out!

Dorrie aka Westy


Comments on: "Last Entry Here" (4)

  1. wildstorm said:

    Silly girl…that’s because most of us have your more active blog saved on our blogroll or favorites list. Still love ya though. =)

  2. wildwesty said:

    LOL Anita! That’s true… *wink* (but I have to cut back somewhere heehee)

  3. polarbear169 said:

    Hello, westy. It certainly has been a long time. I’ve only just started reading blogs again here at wordpress, and I may start posting pictures here, but not writing (most likely). I save that sort of effort for my fiction and nonfiction these days and hardly have time to compose anything of value to put on a blog.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. wildwesty said:

    hi Polarbear… it’s been a looooooong time!!

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