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The Moon…. and Stuff

This morning (my time) KCL was DEAD! I always check in here about every 15 minutes, at least, to see if anyone has posted, but Saturday mornings are DULL! So I messed around with other stuff…. like layouts. I know… very exciting.

Anyway, a few people mentioned on facebook (alternative excitement…not) seeing the full moon outside. I was watching it slowly approach the horizon, viewing it from my living room window. The snow clouds left long enough and after reading those entries, I grabbed my camera and tried to take a picture….. not bad if I do say so myself….

On this one you can see the little airplane hanging in my window….

The snow clouds returned but I still had to leave the warmth of my apartment. My son had left his computer on and he’s 2 weeks in Mumbai so I had to drive there and shut it down.

Then I drove to pick up my duty car for tomorrow…. I got permission to have it in my garage so I won’t have to clear the snow off it tomorrow in the early hours (I have a work-related class to teach). Good thing, too……. I needed about a half hour to get the snow off! The snow had paused but started again just after I arrived home. I’m sure the streets are going to be horrible tomorrow morning and many people may not show up for the class. But I’ll be there!

I hope YOU all have a great Sunday!



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