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The Miramar Air Show

Sorry I haven’t been posting… after going back to work I have been too busy, then too tired, to even bother to blog anything. I haven’t even worked on most of my pictures from my trip yet! I know, I know….. shame on me!

But I did want to finally share with y’all some pictures from the Miramar Air Show! I’m sure you are ALL familiar with the movie “Top Gun”, well Miramar IS top gun and when I heard that their air show was on during the one weekend I was in San Diego, I decided it was a must do event (most of you may know that, because of my job, a sort of hate air shows… but here I made an exception). My son arrived also and of course he wasn’t going to miss it either.

This is one of HIS pictures of the Blue Angels!

Of course the military had to demonstrate their equipment….(these are all MY pictures):

And of course the flying….. Canadian Snow Birds and Blue Angels plus lots more!

I also took some films but they are finished and uploaded yet. I’ve just had other priorities the past days.

On Wednesday Tamara celebrated her 7th birthday (pictures coming… some day)!

At the office we got new furniture delivered… what a mess! Luckily jet lag didn’t bother me too much… I’ve been sleeping through the nights as if I’d never been away (yay me!).

This weekend it’s supposed to rain, I’ll be babysitting on Saturday, but other then that… lots of house work and pictures to work on! Plus a power point presentation for work…


P.S. more pictures can be viewed here


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    I guess no one reads me here anymore….. maybe I’ll delete this site soon…. *sigh*

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