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Beautiful Germany

Yesterday I once again taught a job-related class with over 30 pilots in attendance…. and received lots of applaus at the end! (amazing, considering I’m one of those feared “Feds” lol). This coming season will be my last before I retire, and next winter the last for classes, and it does feel a bit odd. Will I miss teaching these classes? maybe…. The weather was marvelous and on the drive home I made a stop to see a monument I didn’t even knew existed… I drove to the spot to catch a nice view over the Rhine River and found the monument with a small, rebuilt temple. There is still so much to see in my “home” country…. and believe me, I really do appreciate being able to live here. This is a view of the Rhine and the rebuilt “temple”…

These are some of the original pillar stones. The original temple got destroyed in WW II.

And this is a picture of the monument itself. It’s in the process of being renovated but is quite impressive….


P.S. considering my last entry didn’t get a single comment (and I thrive on comments!!) I may not post here anymore *snif*


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  1. Who built the temple? It is a lovely place to put it.

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