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Photo Quiz

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything…. did anyone miss me??

Lots of stuff going on, as usual. But instead of a “normal” entry, how about a Photo Quiz? Here are two photos….. try to guess what they are. The second one is probably pretty easy but the first one is tricky. One hint on the first… it’s job related!

Nope, nothing to win… just have fun figuring it out. The answer I’ll post in a couple of days…

Number one:

Number two:



Birthday and half-timbered houses….

Sorry, but I haven’t felt like posting much recently… well actually, not for some time. I guess I’ve lost that blogging feeling!

Yes, once I was well known for my smilies… ah, those were the days!

Since my last post, my granddaughter, Shiana, celebrated her 4th birthday. Of course we had a party and, amazingly for April, great summer weather!

Shiana (4), Priyasha (2), and Emely (5)

Where does the time go? The kids are growing like weeds and getting cuter all the time.

As my facebook followers know, I’m now a tour guide in the town I now live in. I was one already back in the 80’s so I just have to up-date myself. It’s fun learning about the history. The town has quite a number of half-timbered houses which have been lovingly renovated. We have a church with a wood-carved altar shrine and a castle. Unfortunately we cannot at the moment enter the castle… it has been sold to some RUSSIANS who are renovating it for a hotel!! Needless to say, we are all curious about what they are up to and hope it will be good. They do have lots of regulations to observe so let’s hope for the best. In the summer you can hardly see the castle because of all the trees around it…. this pic I took recently…

And here’s an example of one of the houses…

Any of you interested in more pictures, just follow THIS LINK.

This weekend is the Easter Market in town and maybe I’ll have more pictures to share.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Beautiful Germany

Yesterday I once again taught a job-related class with over 30 pilots in attendance…. and received lots of applaus at the end! (amazing, considering I’m one of those feared “Feds” lol). This coming season will be my last before I retire, and next winter the last for classes, and it does feel a bit odd. Will I miss teaching these classes? maybe…. The weather was marvelous and on the drive home I made a stop to see a monument I didn’t even knew existed… I drove to the spot to catch a nice view over the Rhine River and found the monument with a small, rebuilt temple. There is still so much to see in my “home” country…. and believe me, I really do appreciate being able to live here. This is a view of the Rhine and the rebuilt “temple”…

These are some of the original pillar stones. The original temple got destroyed in WW II.

And this is a picture of the monument itself. It’s in the process of being renovated but is quite impressive….


P.S. considering my last entry didn’t get a single comment (and I thrive on comments!!) I may not post here anymore *snif*

Flying around….

Last Saturday, after dropping Tamara off at home (she had spent the night with me), I decided to stop by the local flying club. It’s the same club that I’m a member of since 1983 and where I first learned to fly. One of my buddies, Michael, was there and invited me along for a local roundtrip together with one of his friends. Since the weather was fantastic, I jumped at the opportunity.

This is a view just after take-off of the now empty American army base… it has been deserted for around 2 years now.

More and more wind farms are being set up everywhere, destroying the looks of our beautiful landscapes…(can you catch that I don’t like them? lol)

We flew over the Main and Neckar rivers, wanting to see how the flooding was. In the mean time the rivers are pretty much back to normal, as you can tell (this is the Main River near Miltenberg).

A view of one of the many castles/fortresses that are found all over the place….

The balloonists were taking advantage of the weather as well…

Today I won’t go to work until noon because I have a job thing to do during night time, which includes a flight (checking the night lighting at an airfield). The past days the weather was cloudy with some now melted snow, today looks promising.

On the weekend I think I finally get some much needed housework done…


Granddaughter Tamara on German TV!

One of our local tv stations has a quiz every year. Kids from a local kindergarten give hints and you’re supposed to guess the word/expression they’re hinting at. Like last year, my granddaughter Tamara’s kindergarten was used by the film team and, like last year, she was one of the kids picked.

Follow this link and then click on the video to see it:

She’s the one on the left at the beginning and then later playing with her pigtail. Yes, it’s all in German but still soooo cute, I just had to brag! LOL


My first dance group…

My new printer is finally hooked up and working great! The other day I started scanning photos and it went so well, I almost forgot to go to bed! Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend…. heehee

The photos are old ones of my folk dance classes, in particular the FIRST group I taught in the mid 70’s. It was a group of young people, all members of the Catholic Youth Group of our local church. I got an interest in scanning them after meeting Monika. Eh, I think I forgot to tell y’all about Monika….

Last Thursday I stopped my daughter’s new apartment on my way to dance class. I was early and she was off bringing the kids to gym class. Since I had some time to kill, I thought I’d take my camera and go for a walk around the area. I got out of the car and saw a couple walking my way. The gal and I stopped dead in our tracks…. we both recognised each other immediately, in spite of having seen each other once in the past 30 yrs! It was Monika, one of the young gals from that afore mentioned dance class! We fell into each others arms, then she introduced me to her hubby. They actually intended to walk a different route, but like with me (I had almost stopped at a local café for coffee but didn’t), fate made our path’s cross. As it turns out, she now lives just around the corner from Regina’s new apartment.

Soon Regina arrived and I asked her if she remembered Monika. She thought a moment but couldn’t place her (well, she was just a baby back then). When I told her it was “Mo-kee-da” she knew who I meant! You see, Monika used to babysit Carsten and Regina and Carsten couldn’t pronounce “Monika” but would say “Mo-kee-ka” instead! This was so fun.

Anyway… this is the picture I took way back when (yes, that’s me front row center lol), 1975:

Monika is back row, third from the right. And this is her leaving the stage after my group performed a Can-Can for a Fasching (carnival/mardi gras) event:

and she hasn’t changed a bit!

Have a great weekend everyone!


P.S. I made those Can-Can costumes, as well as the guy’s shirts in the top photo.

Frankfurt Impressions

After my meeting yesterday I wanted to take advantage of the fantastic spring weather so, with camera ready, I walked toward the main downtown area. On the way I ran into a few “dubious” characters like this guy….

The contrast of old and new is always fascinating…

But my main aim was the new shopping mall called “My Zeil”. Yes, more and more English is being adopted, much to the disgruntlement of many Germans and I must admit, I have to agree with them. “Zeil”, pronounced “sile” (think for German, “when 2 vowels go walking, the SECOND does the talking”), is the name of the walking street where the mall is located.

The architecture is VERY futuristic. The shops inside didn’t interest me at all… nothing special there. I don’t expect the place to be a hit in the long run. Anyway, while going up and down the escalators, I had to think of Doug and how he’d go crazy finding photo motives there. Inspired from his style, I attempted a few myself and I think they turned out pretty well… if I do say so myself.

Notice the spire of the cathedral showing through the lower right corner of the window?

Another view…

Looking down the middle ….

I then hopped on the train for home… I had started rearranging my bedroom and I needed to finish before leaving for dance class.

Today the weather is again fantastic and I think I’ll give my balcony a much needed wash down!