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My Village…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry! I can’t really blame it all on “real life” (though that is a big part), I just haven’t really felt much like posting. I haven’t even uploaded all my Prague pictures, but those I did upload, you can enjoy by clicking on my homepage! I know some of the pictures Lowandslow will go crazy over! lol

So many events have taken place lately…. most good. During my vacation I had another lovely visit with my ex-sister-in-law as well as ex-mother-in-law.

This past weekend was filled with events. Last night my flying club celebrated their 60th anniversary. It was great seeing many of my old friends again, and they seemed really happy to see me again. I felt really welcomed and “at home”. My village is having a 4-day party and it included opening the bell tower of the church, which I of course took advantage of and would like to share the following pictures with you.

This is a view from the tower which shows my apartment building.It’s the top floor under that redish roof.

This picture gives a pretty good impression of the area I live in…..and as you see, we had GREAT weather today!

Here are a few pictures from the church and bell tower….

engraved in this bell is the word “Liebe”, or “Love”
there are three bells all together…. and they ring EVERY quarter hour! And sometimes for a full 5 minutes!
Inside the church from the organ balcony….
More pictures of the quaint little village I live in can be viewed here.

I hope you all enjoyed this view into my world…. and hopefully I’ll get back in the mood to blog more often again.




Sometimes life keeps you busy… or just messes up your plans.

I promised pics of my new kitchen, but lately I haven’t felt like blogging at all. I think having the abstinence during my mood affected my blogging in a negative way. Can you imagine WESTY not blogging? geeeeezzz

After the heatwave we have now had torential rains (did I spell that right?). Thunder, lightning… the works. But I look at it positively. The trees and other plants needed it desperately. The farmers I’m sure are happy now. Some crops had to be harvested early already and others didn’t grow properly. Maybe now things will be better.

There’s still lots to do on my apartment but the worst mess is finished! YAY!

Work…. should I talk about work? Since the jerk retired things have gotten better, but I can’t wait to retire myself in 2 years (actually 23 months and counting). So many changes in the way to do things. My motivation is DOWN!

My kids are ok, but have their problems as well. But that’s life. My mom is now in special care for her demenz. She’s 90 now. It’s hard to explain how I feel… so far away, not being there for her but knowing she’s in good care. My dad visited her and she actually recognised him. That really made him happy!

Lots of reports on German TV about the Love Parade… 21 deaths now. So sad….. The fault is being pushed from one to the other… as usual. So many mistakes were made!

OK, this was just a short entry to let y’all know I’m still around!


More old dance stuff…..

I’ve wasted spent most of my time this weekend scanning more photos and re-doing my dancing homepage. I ran across some photos that I thought you might all enjoy…..

This first photo shows how much fun dancing is. My partner and I were doing a square dance… and the dress I’m wearing is another one of my “creations”.

This one was taken at one of my very first performances in Germany, I believe in 1972 or so. Again the costumes, Ukrainian, I made myself.

This costume was inspired by Hungarian designs.

I’m hoping that when I retire (in 2 1/2 years) I can get back to sewing.

Yesterday I visited Regina to pick up my documents for the cruise in December. My flight to Teneriffe leaves Frankfurt at 3:00 am in the morning!! geeeez what an odd time!

Well, the weekend is once again over…. *sigh*


Work and Play Weekend

For a change I’m writing, well copying, an entry here in this long neglected journal.

It’s now 10:30 pm and I jsut returned from a dinner party with Karen’s bollywood dance group. It was very nice and they danced a bit, too. I think I really must join one of her classes!

Shiana and Priyasha were also there. I managed to get lots of cuddle time with Priyash….. Shiana was too busy playing with some of the other gals… or dancing along (which I filmed and will be uploaded soon to share). Next Saturday Karen, her mom, and the two babies fly home to Mumbai, India for three months! The do it every year so they can spend Christmas there and Karen can learn new dances. My son will follow just before Christmas to spend the holidays with them. So I won’t get to see them again until FEBRUARY!

Tomorrow morning no sleeping in for me. I have to pick up the business car at 8:00 am and drive an hour to teach a class. I probably won’t be home until around 3:00 pm. The new gal at work is joining me so that’ll be nice.

So, that’s just a small run down about what’s going on in my world. Have a great Sunday everyone!


A Grandma has to brag!

Seek and you shall receive! I have pictures to share of my one day old granddaughter!

Big sister Shiana is not sure yet about this new doll that MOVES!

Here are all the ladies together… Karens’s mom, Karen,Shiana, me, and the new addition…

Oh, yeh… her name:  Priyasha Fiona

And a head full of hair, just like Shiana had as a baby….

I’m sure there will be more pictures in days to come…. *wink*


P.S.  as mentioned before, I won’t be updating here much… I’ll do most of my updating at

P.P.S. my mom has now been placed in a care home…. her Alzheimer got too bad ….

Latest Mom Update

Today I finally got an email from my dad. My mom’s memory is getting worse and worse but they still haven’t made the decision about a home. They did check out one that is located not too far from where they live. Also, my sister-in-law’s sister is stopping by regularly and helping my mom with “girl stuff”.

But I noticed in my dad’s email that he’s slipping… he repeated himself and told me things I have long known, like the fact that the gate has a padlock on it.

Oh, well… nothing I can do about it… life goes on.

I don’t post much here… this is only for my “sad” entries. For my normal entries, PLEASE visit me at, that’s where you can fine me. I’m about to give up on the new JS…. too many glitches, too many people disappearing, and too many spam comments and journals showing up. No, I’m not deleting there yet….

The last days have been quite busy at work. I can’t visit the new JS or WordPress or blogspot from the office pc as I used to be able to visit JS. On top of that, I’ve been having long discussions with my daughter. She’s on the verge of leaving her hubby… she even found a new apartment. But the kids keep her from taking that final step…. it’s so difficult, as I well know. *sigh*

Any day now my 4th granddaughter will arrive. My son, Carsten’s, second daughter is due on February 10, but could come any day.

Life is NOT boring, that’s for sure!



After many free days, then working today, I know have VACATION until January 18th! *happy dance*

Normally I would have had to work tomorrow, too. But “the Jerk” will be in the office, as well as another guy who was also there today, so no need for me to show up. And since I had some vacation days left over from this year, I decided to sacrifice one of them.

Besides, I have no interest in seeing “the Jerk” again this year! Only 3 more months of his nonsense, then he goes into retirement! *happy dance again*

Tomorrow I’ll start checking my clothes to see what I want to pack, what needs to be washed, etc. etc.

It’s odd… I’ve been traveling this route, Germany-California-Germany, for over 36 years now, yet I still get nervous and excited. Of course, there’s always the worry of making my connecting flights. This time I’m traveling with Lufthansa to Washington-Dulles, then on with United. The transfer times are VERY short.

I haven’t flown with Lufthansa since… hmmmm, 1992? I’ll never forget my first regular flight without flying stand-by! You see, I was once married to a Lufthansa pilot, so we got cheaper flights, but always on stand-by bases, i.e., you only got on board if there were seats still available when the flight was scheduled to leave. Try doing that with two little monsters kids in tow.

So perhaps my nervousness is a hangover from back then.

Now I’m wasting time watching TV, and trying out various blog sites. *sigh* I want my JS back……. *snif*