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It’s 4:30 am on a Saturday… crazy, right? I’m already awake and my hair is washed. I like having time for it to air dry before leaving the house. Well, I don’t have to leave until around 7:15, but my internal alarm woke me before the normal alarm, in spite of it being Saturday.

And it’s STILL stormy outside! It’s been stormy almost all week, with wind blowing more or less strong…. it’s strong now. It was strong enough to do some damage, like uproot trees, etc. So far my area was pretty much spared.

Today’s schedule: drive from here to the town I work in (27 km), then get one of our business cars (a nice Audi A4) and drive 100 km north. I have to be there by around 09:00 am. I teach a class there all day…. 31 people have signed up. So wind or no wind, I have to drive there. After that I have a work-related speech to give at 4:45 pm at a town which is another 38 km north of that. Then, when that’s over (around 6:15), drive the 138 km back to where I drop the car off. Day over? Nope! On the way home I take a detour a detour to a village located between there and home to attend an Irish music concert with a girl friend. If lucky, I’ll arrive there on time (8 pm).

Tomorrow I’m staying home!!

This whole week has been crazy. It started last Sunday when I attended a reading of a book, a crime book I had happened to just finish reading which takes place in the city I work in, by it’s author. Yes, he even signed my book! Then off to visit my dinner where I joined her family for dinner.

Monday: Go to work, leave at 1 pm as usual Mondays because my eyes burned. Originally I had intended to stay later so that I could go from work direct to my son to babysit his kids. As it was, I drove the 27 km east to my place, took a nap, then drove the 38 km west to his place. Watched the kids until 11 pm, got home at midnight. Originally they had wanted me to stay later and spend the night, which would have meant leaving the cat unattended until late Tuesday night. Oh, she would have survived that, but I do prefer sleeping in my own bed.

After work Tuesday, driving 50 km south to give 4 English exams (all 4 passed).

Wednesday night: dance class.

Thursday night dance class.

Wow, Friday I had nothing scheduled after work! Well, I did check my presentations to make sure they are ok and packed my stuff so I don’t forget anything today.

See why I can’t work on a new journalspace site? 

Anyway, if I haven’t been visiting your journals, now you know why. It’s now 6:00 am and I have to start thinking about what I plan to wear…. with that wind I shall refrain from wearing a mini-skirt!   



The Miramar Air Show

Sorry I haven’t been posting… after going back to work I have been too busy, then too tired, to even bother to blog anything. I haven’t even worked on most of my pictures from my trip yet! I know, I know….. shame on me!

But I did want to finally share with y’all some pictures from the Miramar Air Show! I’m sure you are ALL familiar with the movie “Top Gun”, well Miramar IS top gun and when I heard that their air show was on during the one weekend I was in San Diego, I decided it was a must do event (most of you may know that, because of my job, a sort of hate air shows… but here I made an exception). My son arrived also and of course he wasn’t going to miss it either.

This is one of HIS pictures of the Blue Angels!

Of course the military had to demonstrate their equipment….(these are all MY pictures):

And of course the flying….. Canadian Snow Birds and Blue Angels plus lots more!

I also took some films but they are finished and uploaded yet. I’ve just had other priorities the past days.

On Wednesday Tamara celebrated her 7th birthday (pictures coming… some day)!

At the office we got new furniture delivered… what a mess! Luckily jet lag didn’t bother me too much… I’ve been sleeping through the nights as if I’d never been away (yay me!).

This weekend it’s supposed to rain, I’ll be babysitting on Saturday, but other then that… lots of house work and pictures to work on! Plus a power point presentation for work…


P.S. more pictures can be viewed here

Flying “home”

Next Wednesday I’m flying home to San Diego to see my folks. Both mom and dad aren’t doing too well. I had originally planned to fly over in January, which would have suited me better, but things don’t always go as planned. It’s with lots of trepidation and yes, fear, that I fly over. My son, Carsten is following me over at the same time.

On a nicer note….

I never did post pictures of Tamara’s first day of school. Yesterday Regina sent me this one which I definitely want to share with you all!

See that big “cone” Tamara is carrying? All kids get those… either home made or store bought, big or small depending on the parents. It gets filled with lots of goodies, usually sweets and/or school supplies, to “sweeten” up the first day of school and begin of one of life’s more serious stages. More pictures can be viewed here (and I just realised, I never got around to commenting them…. I’m really getting sloppy! lol)

Here’s a picture of Regina on HER first day of school!

Last night I went bowling with my co-workers. I haven’t bowled in over 30 years and it was quite fun! I actually managed a couple of strikes, but generally I did terrible… *shame* But it was FUN!

I’ll be busy the next days preparing for my trip. Weather has been fantastic the past days, but thunder storms, etc. are forcasted for the next days.

Keeping in touch!



Sometimes life keeps you busy… or just messes up your plans.

I promised pics of my new kitchen, but lately I haven’t felt like blogging at all. I think having the abstinence during my mood affected my blogging in a negative way. Can you imagine WESTY not blogging? geeeeezzz

After the heatwave we have now had torential rains (did I spell that right?). Thunder, lightning… the works. But I look at it positively. The trees and other plants needed it desperately. The farmers I’m sure are happy now. Some crops had to be harvested early already and others didn’t grow properly. Maybe now things will be better.

There’s still lots to do on my apartment but the worst mess is finished! YAY!

Work…. should I talk about work? Since the jerk retired things have gotten better, but I can’t wait to retire myself in 2 years (actually 23 months and counting). So many changes in the way to do things. My motivation is DOWN!

My kids are ok, but have their problems as well. But that’s life. My mom is now in special care for her demenz. She’s 90 now. It’s hard to explain how I feel… so far away, not being there for her but knowing she’s in good care. My dad visited her and she actually recognised him. That really made him happy!

Lots of reports on German TV about the Love Parade… 21 deaths now. So sad….. The fault is being pushed from one to the other… as usual. So many mistakes were made!

OK, this was just a short entry to let y’all know I’m still around!


The Moon…. and Stuff

This morning (my time) KCL was DEAD! I always check in here about every 15 minutes, at least, to see if anyone has posted, but Saturday mornings are DULL! So I messed around with other stuff…. like layouts. I know… very exciting.

Anyway, a few people mentioned on facebook (alternative excitement…not) seeing the full moon outside. I was watching it slowly approach the horizon, viewing it from my living room window. The snow clouds left long enough and after reading those entries, I grabbed my camera and tried to take a picture….. not bad if I do say so myself….

On this one you can see the little airplane hanging in my window….

The snow clouds returned but I still had to leave the warmth of my apartment. My son had left his computer on and he’s 2 weeks in Mumbai so I had to drive there and shut it down.

Then I drove to pick up my duty car for tomorrow…. I got permission to have it in my garage so I won’t have to clear the snow off it tomorrow in the early hours (I have a work-related class to teach). Good thing, too……. I needed about a half hour to get the snow off! The snow had paused but started again just after I arrived home. I’m sure the streets are going to be horrible tomorrow morning and many people may not show up for the class. But I’ll be there!

I hope YOU all have a great Sunday!


went ice skating….

My daughter, Regina, called me at the office Thursday afternoon and suggested we go with the girls ice skating at our local rink. I was skeptical at first…. after all, I hadn’t skated in like 30 years! But I’m always game for some fun.

It was snowing outside, and I was worried a bit about her driving down, but by then the skies cleared. I have a week pass for the tram so I just hopped on the next one that went to the rink.

At first I thought I’d be hanging on the wall the whole time, but soon I actually got back into the groove of skating! Regina was the same way.

Tamara has a natural talent for it, but then she’s already good at inline skating. Every time she slipped and fell, she just got up and laughed!

Emely? Well… she still needs LOTS of practice! She had a little “friend” to help her….

This weekend they were expecting terrible blizzards, with 30 cm (12 inches) to 50 cm new snow! It wass expected to get chaotic, especially since most of the cities have already used up most of their salt reserves, and it did. The last time we had such weather was in 1978/1979!


As planned, I spent Christmas Eve until Christmas Day at Regina’s. We went on christmas Eve with the kids to watch a very nice nativity play put on by local children. That’s where I took the top picture.

As is the German tradition, we then came home and presents were opened. The kids were allowed to stay up later then usual, but then just crashed after all the excitement.

On the 25th we went for a walk… it had finally stopped raining (small patches of snow still were to be found here and there, but no white Christmas once again). Toward evening I drove home. Today, Saturday, is also a Christmas holiday so all stores continue to be closed, and tomorrow being Sunday they’ll be closed, too. That makes 3 1/2 days in a row!

I arrived home to find the elevator broken again/still! I left my suitcase in my car and just carried up the necessary stuff (laptop, presents, leftovers…). There were two technicians trying to find the problem (on Christmas day!). I haven’t checked if it’s working, but I also haven’t heard it so I think it’s still kaputt. *sigh*

Today, besides working on my layout and the <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Christmas pictures</a>, I’ve been spending the day catching up on some reading. Weather is nice outside (=cloudless) and I’m considering going for a walk… but that means climbing the 8 floors of stairs afterward. grrrrrrrr

Hope all of you are having a great Christmas!!